#UFC “We’ll see Brock Lesnar at full potential for the first time”  

Lesnar and Comprido in cell phone snapshot so there is no delay in the news reaching GRACIEMAG.com readers

This end of the year, all anyone is talking about is presents, travel, and Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem.

Thus, GRACIEMAG.com got on the radio and called up one of Lesnar’s coaches, Rodrigo “Comprido” Medeiros, between training sessions with the heavyweight who drew new fans to the UFC in droves.

During the conversation, Comprido came off as being sincerely optimistic about the outcome of the UFC 141 main event and touched on the shape the former champion will be in when he steps into the octagon this coming 30th in Las Vegas.

“Brock is in great shape. Undergoing surgery was the best decision he could have made. I believe we’ll be seeing Brock at full potential for the first time,” Comprido told reporter Nalty Junior.

“I’m truly excited about this fight. They’re two giants, two monsters on a collision course—I don’t think I’ve ever seen two guys as big and skillful as they are. If Alistair isn’t 100%, he’d best not show up, because Brock is super well prepared; I guarantee it,” added Comprido.

What about you, astute reader? Who’s going to end up on the right side of this train wreck?

UFC 141

Las Vegas, United States

December 30, 2011

Brock Lesnar vs Alistar Overeem

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Jon Fitch vs Johny Hendricks

Vladimir Matyushenko vs Alexander Gustafsson

Nam Phan vs Jim Hettes

Under card

Ross Pearson vs Junior Assunção

Anthony Njokuani vs Danny Castillo

Preliminary card (Facebook broadcast)

Jacob Volkmann vs Efrain Escudero

Dong Hyun Kim vs Sean Pierson

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Matt Riddle vs Luis “Beição” Ramos

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