Brazilian Black Belt


Luis Fonseca

Luis FonsecaI met Luis in Mexico City. It was Tomas Salgado who introduced us. Luis was already at that time a brown belt and after our first meeting it took me about 2 years to give him the new belt.

Luis has a long story as a martial artist and decision when to give him a black belt was not easy. On the one hand he could have probably received his belt a bit earlier than he did, but on the other hand when we met he was already a brown belt so I choose not to rush.

Luis lives in Mexico City and runs a successful academy. He has many students (some with high ranks) competing and bringing good results.

Birth Date: 18 July 1975

Birth Place: Mexico City

Training BJJ Since: 1993

Black Belt Since: 2011

Academy: Brasa DF

Techniques by Luis Fonseca