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Nick Corrigan

Nick Corrigan

Nick started training BJJ in 2001, but his history in martial arts has begun much earlier than that. His father Bruce Corrigan has been doing martial arts for all his life and not olny got a black belt in BJJ but also in several other styles. Nick's father did a great job managing to keep most of his family interested in martial arts. 

In 2007 I was invited to visit Bruce Corrigan academy. However, this time I was not going to train the students, but the whole Corrigan family. It was an amazing experience for me and we became so close that today I could easily include "Corrigan" in my name, since I consider them family.

Nick and his brother David became good training partners. I was visiting them more than once before participating in a competion knowing they would help me to stay on a high level.

In 2010 I was honored to give Nick his black belt.

Birth Date:

Birth Place: Knoxville, TN - USA

Training BJJ Since:

Black Belt Since: 2010

Academy: PMA