Brazilian Black Belt


Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros

Felipe Costa and Rodrigo Comprido MedeirosComprido and I are friends for a long time and our story begins in our childhood.

When I was 12 years old I started training BJJ. Soon Comprido discovered BJJ was also his passion and thanks to a great talent in a short time he became so good that he was able to teach in the academy where we were training. We shared the mat on a daily base and it was natural for us to become close friends inside and outside of the academy. 

Comprido has always been a great example for me and in spite of the fact that we are from a very different weight class, I always looked up to him in terms of technique and competitiveness.
I feel honored to learn so much from him up to this day and to be able to call him a master and a true friend! 
Comprido is currently teaching in Chicago and you can find more about him on his website.

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Comprido’s Tournaments

7 x World Champion

1 x World Grappling Champion

6 x Pan American Champion

5 x Brazilian Champion

6 x Brazilian Team Champion

1 x European Champion

1 x European National Team Champion

5 x Chicago Open Champion

2 x Chicago Open Team Champion

Techniques by Comprido