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Esse video mostra muito sobre Felipe Costa 

90 seg de Jiu-Jitsu de uma maneira respeitosa
Oct 13, 2013 Categories: BJJ Felipe Costa Jiu Jitsu Video BJJ

Vitória e derrota fazem parte da vida de todos atletas, a maneira que reagem em cada caso mostra muito sobre cada um deles. Preste atenção em cada cena nesse video, ele mostra muito sobre o atleta Felipe Costa e como ele vê o esporte.

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testimonial about Felipe Costa

"We, from Brasa Belgium, train under Felipe Costa's guidance for almost ten years now. We have him over for the personal training program on a yearly basis. It's always one of the highlights of the year. I like the fact that Felipe doesn't show a lot of techniques each class. Instead, he focuses each class on a few techniques with a lot of attention to the details and principles. Principles which can be used in a lot of other situations and, as such, influence and improve our total game over the course of the year.
Another thing that I like, is that Felipe teaches those techniques you see him use in his matches. He holds no secrets, but teaches competition-tested techniques exactly how he uses them. I recommend the PTP for every serious BJJ-academy or -practicioner! "

Black belt from Australia talk about our Online Academy 

Sep 22, 2013 Categories: Academia BJJ Felipe Costa Jiu Jitsu

Guys i shared and messaged Felipe Costa last night and was given a free coad to his amazing new website. i spent the the night and all day checking out the crazy amount of Jiu Jitsu techniques the and his guys have uploaded, this is truly an library of Brazilian jiu jitsu, Every one know how Technical Felipe is on the mat and in the comps do you would be silly not to do this guys, Iv been training jiu jitsu and long time and there is some coll as stuff iv never seen before in there. guys well worth a look and hope you enjoy as much as i did. OSSSSS !

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