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"Amazing seminar, the kids were super enthusiastic, as was the group of adults. Thank you very much for your effort and attention Felipe, always a pleasure and honor to have you over! And the techniques you taught are amazing, just at the level of thegroup. We’ll make sure to get them well set into our game.

For those who wonder: Although our team/school is very “young” (founded in August ’08, these days only 3 blue belts and all the rest white belts) we already had several of our students win gold in the Mexican Nationals and even some medals in PanAms and Worlds (IBJJF). Without any doubt this is for a very big part (if not the biggest) due to the teaching and guidance Felipe offers my students and me through his PTP! I can only dream of training under him on a daily basis, but this is by far the next best thing! I can highly recommend it to everybody!""

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