5 advantages of training with a GI

What is your preference? GI or NO GI?

Belgium Black Belt and one of our contributors on the website, KEN VAN GILBERGEN  gives 5 advantages of working with a GI, check out and coment about it HERE 


"Nowdays I prefer training with a gi because it brings several advantages. "says Ken
First it helps in removing sweat from your face when rolling intensively. 
Second whenever you are on the top and you trying to choke, you actually need to use your hips to keep your balance. Needless to say that jiu-jitsu is all about hip movement. 
Third when fighting with bigger opponents I can control them easily with spider guard and I can slow smaller fighters down the same way. 
Fourth, while defending is easier with gi, escaping when caught is much harder, so it improves my defense for the worst possible possitions. 
And finally, there are lots of colorful and cool gi for sell these days. Way more fitting than the baggy judo komonos we used to have.
Anyway, I prefer the gi but I am also convinced that you should train without especially in the weeks before a no-gi competition. Or even better. You wear the gi and the rest of your team doesn't :)
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