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BJJ CAMP with Comprido, Caio Terra & Felipe Costa 

NEXT Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP schedule to August 31, 2013


With the success of 2012 edition, Felipe Costa and Rodrigo Comprido have decided to do it again!


Following our traditional concept, 2012's Jiu-Jitsu CAMP will be once again in a resort in front of the beach, with all meals and BJJ classes included.

We have invited a very special black belt to join us this time, check it out:

"I've been following the  Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP since their first edition, when I was still a blue belt, I was very honored to be invited by my childhood friends Comprido and Felipe to be part of this year edition in Cancun. Im positive everyone who join us and our families in this edition will have the time of their lives" said Black Belt GI World Champion and the only 5x black belt NO GI World Champion Caio Terra


"The success of last year's edition made our decision to return in 2013 very easy. All students from last year loved and the staff of the hotel made us feel right at home! We know exactly what to expect and we will make it even better." said third Degree Black Belt and World Champion Felipe Costa


"Last year I brought my entire family with me and this year will be the same. This is a perfect mix of vacation and hard training and will be great to welcome the next group with new and veterans students of our CAMP" said 2x black belt open weight champion of the World Rodrigo Comprido




Here is a video of the resort and below all the info regards the CAMP:

Click on any picture to see the album from last CAMP:



August 31 to September  09, 2013 (

Make sure to schedule your arrival to August 30 and departure to September 09


The resort is few min. from airport in Cancun. Make sure to schedule your arrival to the airport in CANCUN and we will take care of you from there.


In our all inclusive package you get: Transfer from airport to the resort and back to the airport, accommodation at the resort, all meals and two classes a day with Black Belt World Champions, Rodrigo Comprido and Felipe Costa.

All this included on the price of only US$1990(for 10 first student who sign up) The following students will pay US$2250.

Wife/husband who is coming but not training US$1300

Kids up to 12 who are not training is free

Kids up to 12 who are training pay US$600

Kids from 12 to 15 who are training pay US$1300


In order to guarantee your reservation you need to make a non refundable payment of 30% and send us a copy of your ticket.

Are you an instructor on your academy?

We have a special deals for schools and BJJ instructor, email Felipe right now ( ) with the subject: "I’m an Instructor and want to join the CAMP in CANCUN" to have more info.

What will the schedule be like?

We will copy the successful formula we have been doing in our CAMP in Rio. Two classes a day, around the fifth day we take a day off, where we will visit the sightseeing on Cancun.

What do I do when I arrive in the airport?

Look for Comprido or Felipe Costa, one of them will be there waiting for you.

What other activities we can do, besides the BJJ classes?

There are plenty activities that can be done during the free time:

water ski and wakeboard for both experienced and first timers*

parachute which can hold up to two people at the same time*

jet skies*

Visiting the famous sight sees from Cancun *

Swim with dolphins*

a large variety of towable water games

Tennis court

Basketball court

Volleyball court

Soccer field

pools with bar

* some activities are charge separately

I train under another affiliation, can I enter the CAMP?
YES, the CAMP is not made for any specific team. Everyone is welcome, despite the team or level of instruction.

Do I share room with someone else?

Yes, you will share room with up to 3 people. Unless if you come with your wife/girlfriend, on that case you will have your own room.

Arrangements can be made if you would like to stay by yourself at one room, but an extra charge will be applied in this case.

Can I bring my wife and kids?

Yes, many of our students do and if they don’t train they will have a big discount, plus you will have your own room.

What are the students level?

As we teach the concepts (the way things work), the different levels of students is not a problem. We have had students from white belts to black belts and they were all pleased at the end. We have had martial arts lovers who had never put on a BJJ gi before, but at the end they were feeling quite comfortable with BJJ.
We will be giving FULL-TIME attention during the classes, not only teaching but also rolling while correcting the mistakes. This will allow us to address everyone´s BJJ needs with 100% satisfaction.
How much rolling will I get with Comprido and Felipe Costa?

Both Comprido and Felipe will roll everyday, so chances are that you will roll with him everyday or at least a lot.

If you have any other question, don’t hesitate on contact us:

and Felipe will answer you personally in less than 24hrs.




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Rodrigo COMPRIDO, the first ever and ONLY Mexican National Champion 2012 in the BLACK BELT 

Rodrigo Comprido, el primer y único Campeón Nacional de México 2012 en Cinturones Negros.

Brasa Team felicita a Rodrigo Comprido por su titulo como Campeon Nacional de Mexico en Cinturones Negros, venciendo a sus dos oponentes Rodrigo Kim (Renzo Gracie Mexico) y Dan Chon (Renzo Gracie Mexico)


@BRASAteam Congratulate @RodrigoComprido for his title as Black Belt Mexican National Champion beating his two opponent Rodrigo Kim (Renzo Gracie Mexico) and Dan Schon (Renzo Gracie Mexico)


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