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Brazilian Martial art? Ahhh, I know Capoeira 

Who HASN'T heard THIS before?

I hate when people ask what I do. Some times is so awkward to explain that I rather say I'm unemployed or that I work on the internet.
I have experience two different situations, when they ask me this in Brazil and when they ask me abroad.
In Brazil people know what is Jiu-Jitsu and that is already a problem, because they look at me as if Im lying when I say I leave from BJJ, first Im too small, second Im not the athletic kind of guy and my ears are not broke (at least not enough for people to notice right away). Often if they are young they ask if I compete and I get the feeling they expect the answer ro be no. So when I answer yes, I always feel I need to explain that there are weight categories and the comparison with boxing always work. If they are a little older, they often end up asking something like "But you don't fight in those VALE TUDO thing, right?" They know what is BJJ, but think MMA is just a continuation of it, as if everyone had to do it. Many are surprise when I say in Jiu-Jitsu there is no striking at all, they almost try to "correct"me saying: "But those UFC guys do Jiu-Jitsu" and you see where this is going...I have to explian to people who usually is not really interest about what I do, but instead are just trying to be polite.
So often when I go to a party with co-workers of my wife, I say I take care of the house and she works outside. For me this is SO MUCH more fun than having to explain what I really do.

When people ask me what I do outside of Brazil is completely different, they first look as if they have a question mark on their face, so I say it's a Brazilian Martial Art and they give me a GREAT smile saying AHHHH, Why didnt you say before? Capoeira, the dance!

NOOOOOO...and you know where this goes...down hill and a promise next time I will say something else. This video illustrate pretty good this situation. Please share how it goes with you


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