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Eddie Bravo teaching Rickson Gracie? 

Check this video out:

Rickson Gracie Eddie Bravo

Someone told me about this video before but just today I accidently run into it on youtube, on  recommended videos, I watched and found it very interesting, I would like to see your opinion on it, here are my impressions over it. First of all, I'm completely surprised how Eddie actually manage to get Rickson's attention for so long. The fact that he actually managed to get Rickson on the ground and explained to him his "system" or sequence related to rubber guard is already, in my opinion, an incredible accomplishment. My only contact to Rickson was in a seminar of his that I attended and I got the impression he is not very open to this kind of situation.

Joe Rogan was super smart to use a t-shirt with Helio Gracie, if I walk in a room and the person who I will talk has a shirt with a picture of my dad or someone I love, I would be extra patient with that person. I think at first Rickson was probably super annoyed by Eddie talking so much, for so long, his body language and his silence is a sign of that, but at a few moment looked like Rickson had some interest on what he was saying.

I wish the exact moment where he actually decided to go to the ground was not edited on the video, out of pure curiosity, I wish I knew how it happened. Anyway, enough of my perception of the situation, watch the video and see it for yourself. I would love to read your opinion about it: 


Also, if you have the time, take a look at this long interview Rickson Gracie gave right before this previous video was filmed:

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