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Adult div kings of old dominate Masters in Rio  

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The black belts took to the mats yesterday in the International Masters and Seniors tourney, held at the traditional Tijuca Tennis Club venue. And the big winners on the day were the famed adult champions of the past, proving how the old war horses still have fuel to burn.

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Roosterweight: Felipe Costa (Brasa) defeated Cicero Morimitsu (Nova União)

Light featherweight: Carlos Vieira Holanda “Esquisito” (Gracie Barra) defeated Douglas Rufino (CheckMat)

Lightweight: Marcos Torregrosa (Lloyd Irvin) defeated Luciano Correa (Brazilian Fight)

Middleweight: Adriano Ferreira (Barbosa) defeated Claudio Roberto Souza (Gracie Humaitá)

Medium heavyweight: Rodrigo Pinheiro (Gracie Humaitá) defeated Eduardo Milioli (Rilion Gracie)

Heavyweight: Fabio Leopoldo (Ryan Gracie) defeated Fernando Di Pierro “Soluço” (Alliance)

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