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Felipe Costa "The path to sucess"

Just wanted to give the first review of Felipe Costa's new DVD "The Path to Success."

The DVD is split into 3 parts. The first and longest portion consists of a documentary which details Felipe's career from white belt to black belt. Costa talks about how he evolved as a competitor from going in there and just "wanting to get it over with" to 2003 when he won his first Gold Medal ever (as the Black Belt level)! It always seemed to me that the Black Belt world champions were all champions at the lower belt levels. that wasn't the case here. An inspirational story and definite proof that you should never give up.

The second segment includes Demian Maia, Michelle Matta, and other Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitors reviewing Felipe's old competition footage and pointing out the mistakes. I felt that this section was a bit short.

The final segment is a short instructional covering 5 of Felipe's favorite moves. This is outstanding for a few reasons. Firstly, all the moves were used in competition so you know it's not some fancy seminar filler. Felipe shows the fight footage and then covers the technique. Secondly, Felipe demonstrates the technique but the instruction is done via voice-over (which I always found to be superior). Finally, the entire DVD is in English with Portuguese subtitles.

Overall, I highly recommend this DVD, very motivational and with good techniques. I was lucky enough to have trained with Felipe a few times while he was here in Maryland and got a chance to have him expand on the moves he showed, and it has really helped me out.
- Julius
I'm very happy to have received your DVD, Path to Success. I've already watched it twice and I'll watch it again, soon. It is very inspiring, and I'm sure it will help many BJJ practioners who aren't natural athletes or natural winners. It helps to motivate me, for sure.
Your path in BJJ reminds me of my path in MMA. I lost 10 of my first 16 fights, and was ready to give up. My teacher still believed in me and wanted me to keep fighting, so we sat down and reviewed the video of my last loss, and we saw that I'd been beaten many times because of one mistake. Then Royler Gracie came to our school and showed how my mistake set me up to lose. Afterwards I changed my mind, and quit thinking negative thoughts like, "Why am I putting myself through this?", and "I don't want to be here". These were things my brain was telling me before I'd fight. When I started focusing on winning, I started winning fights in the 1st round.
There is a DVD in the U.S called "The Secret". I'm sure that, by now, it is available in Brazil. I tell everyone to watch it. It is very helpful in showing how one's mind can control one's destiny. I hope you can have the chance to watch it. I'm sure you'd enjoy it, very much.

Thank you, again, for such a great story of your path in jiu jitsu, and thank you for inspiring me.
Felipe has made it again!
"This may be the only video on the market that in the same footage offers so much: First: an autobiography very motivational (If He ever quits jiu-jitsu he may well start another career giving lectures); Second: a very well thought self-critic segment reviewing his most common mistakes at early stages of his career along with his closest friends, which can also be helpful for the viewer since they are mistakes commonly made by basic-intermediate students and finally the explanation of five techniques actually used in competition!!!!!!!!
If all this wasn't enough it's all spoken in English and can be seen with Portuguese sub-titles. At this rhythm his next step will be releasing a material all spoken in Spanish.

This is another example of how great things come in small packages.

Raul Pastor from Mexico."
mindset before competing
Felipe, I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed your new DVD. I watched it last week and competed last weekend with more confidence. I did not win my match but hearing you talk about the nerves you had before competing was inspirational. The entire DVD is great but what I liked most is how your changed your mindset before competing. I now see that is what I need to work on the most. I just want to say thank you. Take care and I hope to see you on the mat one day!

Charles Slade
The lessons in this DVD are priceless!
I had a chance thanks to Felipe to get my hands on a copy of the DVD, and enjoyed every single part of the movie!

It's not a common thing to have the possibility to sit and listen to a multiple world champion tell you the story of how he succeded, of how he failed and then succeded again.

I think the lessons in this DVD, even aside from the pure technical part, are priceless.

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Preparacao Fisica para MMA e JIU JITSU: Não copie, crie!,-crie


Um dos meus sonhos é fazer com que o MMA cresça, sonho em um dia que o MMA ou o Jiu-Jitsu estejam nas Olimpíadas. Tive o privilégio de nascer na terra que divulgou a arte suave para o mundo inteiro e que criou o “vale tudo” mundialmente chamado hoje em dia de MMA.

Itallo Vilardo e Vitor Miranda

A origem do esporte é nossa, os primeiros campeões são nossos, os melhores treinadores e atletas mais famosos são nossos, o primeiro homem a visualizar o MMA moderno é brasileiro (Mestre Marco Ruas), e por que com tudo isso o melhor sistema de treino não pode ser nosso?


Estamos acostumados a ver os gringos treinando e sem perguntarmos o porquê daquilo, colocamos nossos atletas para fazermos iguais. Se vemos o Fedor Emelianenko rodar o kettlebell de um lado para o outro, colocamos nossa cobaia para rodar o kettlebell também. Se vemos o gigante Brock Lesnar rodar pneus de trator, colocamos nossa cobaia para virar pneus também. Posso citar inúmeras outras coisas, que “importamos” lá de fora, dar marretada em pneu, sacudir pesadas cordas de um lado para o outro, e por aí vai... E para que serve isso tudo? De onde vem a base desses exercícios? A criação deles foi baseada em que?


Como disse no inicio, o Jiu-Jitsu surgiu aqui, o MMA surgiu aqui, e somos os melhores no mundo nisso, agora os americanos são os melhores do mundo no wrestling, no futebol americano, os cubanos no boxe entre outros. Por isso esses exercícios “importados” vêm do futebol americano, do wrestling, do basquete, do boxe e ate mesmo do circo (quem conhece treinamento de verdade sabe que o kettlebell vem do circo), ou seja, vieram de inúmeros lugares, menos do MMA.


Grande parte dos treinadores e preparadores físicos brasileiros se espelham nos treinos “gringos” e reproduzem o que vêem lá fora, sem se perguntar o porque e o para que daquilo. A grande maioria dos treinadores estrangeiros, principalmente os americanos, veio do futebol americano e wrestling, e por isso colocam seus atletas para empurrar pneus (exercício totalmente específico e objetivo no futebol americano)¸ sacudir pesadas cordas para cima e para baixo (exercício que veio do wrestling) ou para fazerem qualquer outro exercício que não veio do MMA! Nunca vi algum lutador começar a sacudir os braços do oponente ou empurrar o oponente até o outro lado do ringue após derrubá-lo. Mais já vi varias vezes o lutador derrubar e quase que instantaneamente saltar para o outro lado, tal como um movimento de capoeira ou uma estrela (como fazia o grande lutador Fernando Tererê), movimentos que vieram da luta e servem para a luta.


Treino o atleta para o MMA, para o Jiu-Jitsu ou para o Muay Thai com exercícios característicos daquela luta. O atleta não tem que ser capaz de correr por 40 minutos ou carregar 100kg nas costas ao mesmo tempo que escala uma montanha, o atleta tem que ser capaz de agüentar 3 rounds de 5 minutos atacando e se defendendo sem parar, dando o máximo de si, chutar, socar, agarrar, derrubar e levantar novamente para fazer isso tudo novamente.


Ao criar um treino para o MMA, temos que conhecer a fundo a modalidade, muitas vezes é bom largarmos os livros e colocarmos a luva e a bermuda, assim percebemos as necessidades daquela modalidade. Sendo o que é mais importante do que isso é parar de “copiar e colar” esquecer um pouco o “professor YouTube” e usar a criatividade científica. Inventar é criar sim! Copiar com lógica é fundamento sim! Agora copiar porque é legal, bonitinho e deixa cansado, não! Até tomar susto faz o batimento cardíaco subir, e isso não é considerado treino!


* Ítallo Vilardo

Preparador físico de esportes de combate



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Brasa Mexico and Felipe Costa  

Felipe gave some stripes in his last visit to Brasa Mexico academy in Hermosillo.June 2007

Personal Training Program is a method developed to rapidly improve the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu technique, maintaining the great quality always performed by our Black Belts. Your team will have the opportunity to train with the best BJJ teachers and competitors in the World, right in your gym!!

The program is based on a minimum of one week training, with personalized classes (performed in English, Spanish or Portuguese) where students and instructors will have their games closely watched, and therefore highly improved. Private Sessions may also be included.

It is not a regular class, but a unique experience when all participants receive full attention and will be able to "roll" with the Black Belt. During the class time our Black Belt will be able to critique your style and work on improving your game while correcting your weak points. This method has already been tested in various countries and the results have been tremendous.

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