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Felipe Costa was ask to comment about this fight, since one of the fighters was unhappy about the referee’s decision.

Check out Felipe’s comment and feel free to send us your video and get our comments:

“here is my opinion on this fight  play by play:

48seconds 2 points sweep for Karol  (white KIMONO)

1:00 looks from the camera angle that Karol (white KIMONO) is on Bagis (black KIMONO) half guard, if that is the case, it would be an advantage to him

2:00 The referee should give a verbal warning to Karol (white KIMONO)for not moving

2:27 more than 20 seconds have pass and Karol(white KIMONO) haven't improve his position. The referee should have give him a stalling punishment, witch means that Bagi (black KIMONO)  get an advantage in his favor  and Karol a -1.

At this moment the score would be:

KAROL  (white KIMONO) 2points / 1 advantage / -1 for stalling

BAGI (black KIMONO) 0 points / 1 advantage 

2:50 and Karol (white KIMONO)is still in the same position, the referee should stop the fight, put both of them back up, give Karol the second "punishment" , and 2 points for Bagi (black KIMONO)

So the score at this point would be:

KAROL(white KIMONO): 2 points/1 advantage / -2

BAGI(black KIMONO): 2points / 1 advantage

BUT, as he didn’t do this, lets ignore this fact and just follow the fight from 3:45 when they finally change position

4:53 to 5:46 and Karol(white KIMONO) is still just holding and not train to open the guard, since it would be his third call, he could be disqualify already

7:15 advantage for Bagi (black KIMONO)for the choke attempt

7:58 when Bagi(black KIMONO) establish the back and Karol puts both Knees on the ground, that is a sweep = 2 points

So at the end, even if the referee had made a mistake and  never gave the warning points AT ALL, the fight would have end with a even score of:

KAROL(white KIMONO) : 2 points (sweep) / 1 advantage (half guard)

BAGI(black KIMONO): 2 points (sweep) / 1 advantage (choke)

No doubt the decision would go to BAGI(black KIMONO), because he was more active during the fight AND at the end of the fight, also his advantage came from a submission attempt while Karol advantage came from a half guard control.

So in the end, the result was fair.

Congratulations everyone and good job. Felipe Costa

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