How to beat bigger guys??

4/10/2019 10:07:18 PM
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How to beat bigger guys??

Hi. Felipe.

My question is how or what technique is the useful to bigger opponent differ very weight.

Which technique do you usually use to bigger?

I am appreciated that let me know the course here for my topic.

Thanks. :)

3/24/2020 12:37:48 PM
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Re: How to beat bigger guys??

I am new to it and haven't really learned lots of techniques yet but triangle choke is my favourite so far. I think you can totally get anyone to give up with this technique. Anyways i have a question too? has anyone tried buying gear from this site nogibjjgear? I am looking for a place to get my gear and it seems like an awesome place but just to be careful i kinda wanna know if any has tried buying from them and had a good experience? or can you suggest me place that you have actually tried and have had a good experience?