I have been traveling the world teaching BJJ since 2003, the year I became a World Champion. During those years I made many connections, but most importantly - many friends. Some of the academies I visited, decided to go under my technical supervision. Some of the academies started up in cities where Jiu Jitsu was not known and the instructors were not more than a blue belt. I offered them my support to help them keep growing and some of them today are recognized black belts. I also had the opportunity to cooperate with academies where the instructors were already black belt but believed in the kind of work I was doing and wanted to join it and grow with it.

If you do some research on me, you will find out that I believe that "the student choose the teacher, not the other way around".
I encourage you to research a bit around and be sure you want to associate with me and the current members of our team. Its very important to me that once we represent the same name we have similar believes and goals.

Profit is far back on the list of our association priority. Feel free to contact any current member and ask questions of the kind of relationship we have and please clear any doubts that may be on your head. But, of course, there will be responsibilities from both parties (me and you) that must be fulfilled. Please feel free to contact me to clear any doubts you might have and we can discuss more details and requirement in depth.

Academies under Felipe Costa's Brazilian Black Belt Association are proud members of BRASA team.Brasa Team