KC Windham

KC Windham receiving his black beltI met KC in 2004. He was a white belt who decided to join our BJJ CAMP in Rio. There, we became close friends and KC became a student under me and Comprido.

Every year we would train together either in Brazil or in his hometown Midland in Texas. Even though during my first visit KC was training with a small group of friends in a barn, over time the academy has grown and today they are a respected team situated in a good location.
We also had many opportunities to travel together in order to compete. And KC (who is also a black belt in Judo) got many great results on IBJJF Tournaments, including the most important one in the master division, fighting in Rio de Janeiro, the International Master & Senior from IBJJF.

In 2013, nearly 10 years after we start to train together, he got his black belt under me and Comprido.