Piotr Bagiński

Felipe Costa, Piotr "Bagi" BagińskiIn 2005 during one of my visits to Belgium, Ken Van Gilbergen and the rest of the crew from Leuven invited me to join them in a Tournament in Germany. In effect, I not only went to support them, but also decided to compete. The conecpt of tournament was that all the belts fought in the same division. I entered the open (which now I think was crazy) and end up fighting blue, purple and even white belts. Today, richer with all the experience I would not do it anymore for the simple fear of getting hurt.

When I came back from that tournament, I received an email from "Bagi", the leader of one of polish teams. He was very impressed with my skills and especially with the way I handled the bigger guys and basically, he invited me to spend 3 weeks to teach his team.

Finaly we met and it occured that since my Polish is terrible, for most of the time we needed a translator. Well, "terrible" is a nice way to describe language skills that come down to few words like: dzień dobry (good morning), dobranoc (good night), dziękuję (thank you), pacha (armpit) and kurwa (because a real polish has to use the word kurwa in every sentence). Anyway, despite the fact we needed a translator we got along very well and I was impressed with his  leadership skills and respect all his students were paying to him.

At that time Bagi had a brown belt and I felt honored to be asked to lead the team. His black belt came a couple years later and ever since he is representing it very well, both as a teacher and a competitor, being a great example not only for his students but for every BJJ practitioner in Poland. No doubt his team is the number one in Poland.