Frequently Asked Questions


What are the students levels?

As we teach the concepts (the way things work), the different levels of students is not a problem. We have had students from white belts to black belts and they were all pleased at the end. We have had martial arts lovers who had never put on a BJJ gi before, but at the end they were feeling quite comfortable with BJJ.

We will be giving FULL-TIME attention during the classes, not only teaching but also rolling while correcting the mistakes. This will allow us to address everyone´s BJJ needs with 100% satisfaction.


Do I train with black belts?

Yes, normally the black belts will be training everyday.


Can I arrange a BJJ CAMP with a close group of friends or students?

Yes, you can schedule a SPECIAL CAMPThe special CAMP is made for close groups, let's say you have a group of friends who want to come to the CAMP or you want to bring your students, in this case you don't need to wait the regular CAMP, you can schedule to when is the best for your group.You choose the dates and how long you want to have it.

You make your own SPECIAL CAMP. Send us right now the best dates for you and how many students you want to bring.


Do I share room with someone else?

Normally yes, but you don't have to. If you prefer to have the confort and privacy of your own room, contact us now to check the rates.


Can I bring my wife and kids?

Yes, they are very welcome, even if they don't train at all. Often the students and also the instructors bring their families.


Can I get a new belt by attending the BJJ CAMP?

Unless if you are already student of one of the instructors, we normally do not test for belts in during the BJJ CAMP.


I train under another affiliation, can I enter the CAMP?

YES, the CAMP is not made for any specific team. Everyone is welcome, despite the team or level of instruction. In fact that is one of the cool things about it, get to know and become friends with people from all over the World and from every different team.


Who will be the black belts on the next BJJ CAMP?

Due to personal agenda the black belts may be different in each CAMP, please contact us to know who will be available for the next Jiu jitsu CAMP.


Do I need a Visa ?

Depends where you are from, contact Felipe now if you want him to help you with info and get an answer in 24hrs.