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Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

What is the best academy to train JiuJitsu?

Are you planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro? Do you want to train BJJ in Brazil and experience the culture, but you do not feel like taking a regular tourist package?

You have Two options:

1 - Come on your own and try to sort out everything by yourself and at your own risk;

2 - Contact Brazilian Black Belt now and let Felipe Costa and his team presents you with an EXPERIENCE you will never forget and which you would never be able to do with anybody else!

Brazilian Black Belt Experience



Your trip can be scheduled at any time of the year just contact us or send a WhatsApp +55 21 99404-4567 and we will arrange or help you arrange the best place to stay that will fit your budge, it can go from a private apartment, a nice hotel or a hostel. 


Here are two of the favorites apartments that our visitors like to stay:


That one is a 5 minutes walk from the Academy:

bjj in rio


This is 10 minutes walk from the Academy: 

jiu jitsu in rio


There are many other options at , once you look there, make sure to put the code felipecosta, you will get a discount and they will know it is from us.

train jiu jitsu in rio

The group that takes care of this website are students at BrazilianBlackBelt Academy as well, you will be talking with Felipe Costa personal friends and students. 



"I have great news for you: We will take care of you during your stay! You will live and EXPERIENCE Brazilian Jiu-Jistu like a local. I will welcome you inside my own Academy and teach you as if you were one of my own, my students have no ego, the atmosphere is friendly and familiar, but don't get me wrong, we do train hard. You will EXPERIENCE the training the same way that we do and will get treated, not like a tourist, but like part of our group." - Felipe Costa

Felipe Costa

Felipe give all classes in portuguese and makes sure to translate as well to english or Spanish when there are visitors.


Brazilian Black Belt Academy is the best rated academy in Rio de Janeiro.


 Besides the many group classes trough out the day, we can make more exclusive for you, on this case Felipe Costa or one of his instructors will be giving you private classes , therefore all the focus and attention will be directed to you.


Just contact us right now to have more details:

WhatsApp +55 21 99404-4567 

Jiu Jitsu Rio de Janeiro BJJ


Felipe Costa teaches in IPANEMA, one of the nicest area of Rio de Janeiro. The exact adress of the academy is: Rua Visconde de Pirajá 151/201 



Felipe Costa travels the world competing in and teaching BJJ. He has gained an enormous following of students and fans not only because of his accomplishments, but also because of his teaching ability and personality.

While these accomplishments are incredible, these are not his most impressive accomplishments. Felipe was not always a champion. In fact, he did not win any major tournaments until he was a Black Belt! Felipe never gave up and became one of the most successful competitors the BJJ World has ever seen!

Felipe Costa is a story of perseverance, determination and hard work. To learn more about Felipe check his profile, blog and website, or his social media.

Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP 2019 is back in Europe 

for the first time to Italy, in the amazing Island of Sicily.

Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP 2019 is back in Europe

Since 2004, when we were pioneers on the BJJ CAMP concept, where we did several CAMPs in the state Rio de Janeiro, we have been innovating, but keeping what we consider the most important aspect of this life time trip, which is creating a bound and making friends for a life time, in an amazing place, while doing our passion, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

After Rio we have been to other continent as well. 

This year we are going for the first time to Italy, in the amazing Island of Sicily. 

BJJ CAMP 2019 Italy Sicily


To keep the exclusive concept and make sure everyone will get full attention during classes and stay together on the outside activities we have limited to ONLY 16 students on the mat. The spots will sell quickly, so if you want to make a reservation, make sure to contact us right now at or via WhatsApp +55 21 99404-4567.


bjj camp felipe costa comprido jiu jitsu italy 

Once again, this CAMP will have  10 days. For the first time we will open space for those who can only come 5 days, but we will give preference for the ones who want to sign up for the total of 10 days. 


10 days- US$1140,00

5 days- US$740

(the ones who choose 5 days will have to arrive on first day of the CAMP, we will only open the option to stay the second half, once we full fill the first half. It's also important to have in mind that, as said above, the preference will be for the ones who want to register for the entire camp)


Due to characteristics of the location, at this Camp, the price does not include the hotel and food as we normally do in all our Brazilian Black Belt CAMPs, the price only include the training sessions (2 classes per day, that we may combined as a longer one, to leave space for outside activities), but we will make sure to recommend and assist you to find option where to stay, so you can choose a location that fits your pocket, transfer from hotel to the city etc.

 jiu jitsu camp

We will keep the most important values of our Camps, which is the relationships we build with the students and that includes spending time and doing activities together.


Remember that the Brazilian Black Belt CAMP is very exclusive, we will only allow 16 students to sign up.


Rodrigo Comprido and Felipe Costa will make sure you get a complete understanding of all the concept and techniques they explain. They also make sure to roll with the students and criticize their game and point out details that will help you reach a new level. 


Around half way during the camp, we take a day off, with only open mat, so the group can make activities together. The other days, as said, there are 2 classes. 



Here are the steps you need to know to join us and te most common question:


How do I secure my reservation?

To secure your spot we ask a 30% downpayment. Due to the limit of 16 students, we will ask that the remain balance is payed by August 27, 2019.


Where in Europe is the CAMP?

This camp will be in Italy, on the Sicily Island, on the city of Taormina/Giardini Naxos


What date should I arrive and leave?

You arrival date should be September 27, since the first day of the CAMP is saturday, September 28.

Your departure should be October 7, unless if you are not staying the full lenght of the CAMP.

Details about transfer we will give for those who reserve. 


Where should my flight arrive?

The closest airport is located in the city Catania, but Palermo is also an option, if perhaps you find a better deal to that airport. Depending where you are coming from, keep in mind that train, ferry and bus are also an option.


If you arrive in Palermo, your ride to the city will be longer than if you arrive in Catania, that is a information that may be important to keep in mind. 


Where will I stay?

Feel free to search the option that best suit you, ideally you should stay close to where our training facility is, the exact address is: 

Via Naxos, 63, 98035

Giardini Naxos



We recommend the following options:

-Hotel Tysandros


Tysandros, 22, 

Giardini Naxos ME



- Villa Mora Hotel

Lungmare Naxos 47,

Giardini Naxos



- BJJ Hostel 

Via Naxos, 63, 98035
Giardini Naxos



- AirBnB Options:


We putted the address of where the training area is and many options have come up, with prices that fit all pockets. here is the link, but also feel free to do your own search: 

Aulas de Muay Thai em Ipanema  

Muay Thai, Boxe e Jiu Jitsu na Zona Sul - Ipanema

Aulas de Muay Thai em IPANEMA: MANHA, TARDE e NOITE Endereço: Rua Visconde de Pirajá 151/201 - Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro (Entre a Farme de Amoedo e Texeira de Melo) Telefone: 2523-2066 WhatsApp: 21 99 404-4567 #Ipanema #BrazilianBlackBelt #IpanemaFight #martialarts #dedication #thailand #hardwork #MuayThaiGirls #teamwork #KickFit #MuayThai #KickBoxe #KickBoxing 


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