Training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What is the best academy to train JiuJitsu?

Are you planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro? Do you want to train BJJ in Brazil and experience the culture, but you do not feel like taking a regular tourist package?

You have Two options:

1 - Come on your own and try to sort out everything by yourself and at your own risk;

2 - Contact Brazilian Black Belt now and let Felipe Costa and his team presents you with an EXPERIENCE you will never forget and which you would never be able to do with anybody else!

Brazilian Black Belt Experience



Your trip can be scheduled at any time of the year just contact us or send a WhatsApp +55 21 99404-4567 and we will arrange or help you arrange the best place to stay that will fit your budge, it can go from a private apartment, a nice hotel or a hostel. 


Here are two of the favorites apartments that our visitors like to stay:


That one is a 5 minutes walk from the Academy:

bjj in rio


This is 10 minutes walk from the Academy: 

jiu jitsu in rio


There are many other options at , once you look there, make sure to put the code felipecosta, you will get a discount and they will know it is from us.

train jiu jitsu in rio

The group that takes care of this website are students at BrazilianBlackBelt Academy as well, you will be talking with Felipe Costa personal friends and students. 



"I have great news for you: We will take care of you during your stay! You will live and EXPERIENCE Brazilian Jiu-Jistu like a local. I will welcome you inside my own Academy and teach you as if you were one of my own, my students have no ego, the atmosphere is friendly and familiar, but don't get me wrong, we do train hard. You will EXPERIENCE the training the same way that we do and will get treated, not like a tourist, but like part of our group." - Felipe Costa

Felipe Costa

Felipe give all classes in portuguese and makes sure to translate as well to english or Spanish when there are visitors.


Brazilian Black Belt Academy is the best rated academy in Rio de Janeiro.


 Besides the many group classes trough out the day, we can make more exclusive for you, on this case Felipe Costa or one of his instructors will be giving you private classes , therefore all the focus and attention will be directed to you.


Just contact us right now to have more details:

WhatsApp +55 21 99404-4567 

Jiu Jitsu Rio de Janeiro BJJ


Felipe Costa teaches in IPANEMA, one of the nicest area of Rio de Janeiro. The exact adress of the academy is: Rua Visconde de Pirajá 151/201 



Felipe Costa travels the world competing in and teaching BJJ. He has gained an enormous following of students and fans not only because of his accomplishments, but also because of his teaching ability and personality.

While these accomplishments are incredible, these are not his most impressive accomplishments. Felipe was not always a champion. In fact, he did not win any major tournaments until he was a Black Belt! Felipe never gave up and became one of the most successful competitors the BJJ World has ever seen!

Felipe Costa is a story of perseverance, determination and hard work. To learn more about Felipe check his profile, blog and website, or his social media.