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BJJ World Champion will visit his affiliates after the PAN Jiu Jitsu 

Felipe Costa will visit 4 academies in MEXICO

Felipe Costa will fight the PAN Jiu-Jitsu for the third time as a black belt, last 2 years he got silver medal and he will try the gold this time. Righ after that he will visit 4 of his affiliated schools in Mexico.


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Felipe Costan seminaari GB Gymillä / seminar in Helsinki, Finland 

Brasilialaisen jujutsun maailmanmestari Felipe Costa ohjaa helmikuussa kuuden päivän mittaisen BJJ- ja lukkopainiseminaarin GB Gymin harjoitussalilla Helsingissä. Seminaari on avoin kaikille brasilialaisesta jujutsusta ja lukkopainista kiinnostuneille.


GB Gym Helsinki
Hämeentie 153 (Arabian yritystalo)

Harjoitusajat: 8.2.-13.2.2011

TI: 17.30-19.00 (BJJ)
KE: 16.00-17.30 (BJJ) ja 20.30-22.00 (Lukkopaini)
TO: 17.3019.00 (BJJ)
PE: 19.00-20.30 (BJJ)
LA: 10.3012.00 (BJJ) ja 13.30-15.00 (Lukkopaini)
SU: 10.30-12.00 (Lukkopaini) ja 13.30-15.00 (BJJ)


kaikki harjoitukset ti-su 80 €, viikonloppu la-su 50 €, yksi harjoitus 20 €.


Sammy Hämäläinen / sammy.hamalainen [ät]

BJJ World Champion, Felipe Costa, training at HOME 

by Carlos Eduardo Ozório —

Felipe Costa practicing Home-Jitsu in Canada


The gang tuned in to keeps sending in photos and stories for the “Home-Jitsu” article. All of them are described and posted in a super gallery in the main article, which you can see here.


A fighter who has none other than the world title on his mantle, Brasa beast Felipe Costa has shown himself to be truly adept in Home-Jitsu. Besides participating in training at Caio Terra’s Copacabana apartment – one of those most commented about in the series of articles, Felipe also has his own dojo and always practices “Home-Jitsu” around the planet. During one these home training sessions Felipe even demonstrates a sweep (see video below).

Black belt Francis Abramson also got excited about the article and sent in some old photos. Francis often trains at home with a hardcore group and has been doing it for some time now. In the ’90s he would roll with beasts like the late Master Pedro and other practitioners in the Gama Filho family, as well as Professor Toco and practitioners from several other academies. This diversification is one of the coolest characteristics of “Home-Jitsu.”


Francis, in the old days, training in Buzios at Master Pedro Gama Filho's house


Direct from Portugal, our reader Sérgio “Telinho” Vita, a Léo D’ilha black belt, is another home trainer who sent in a photo.


Reader Bernardo also shares a story: “Here at home we’re three brothers who are hooked. Unfortunately, all I have is this photo, without fighters, but they represent the peace there is in training at home. We always receive illustrious visitors from our friends at Gracie Barra BH to train. We burn an incense and turn on Mozart come training time!”


Home-Jitsu in Portugal


Brown belt Marcley Sousa is from Goiás, is a Gracie Barra rep, and also loves training at home. “I’m a practitioner of the most perfect art in the world! I live in a small town called Iporá. Without anyone else’s support, I set up my own training center with a mat, functional training area, etc.” says Marcley, who has been having a good run in competition.


Taking into account the old saying, “All that’s good comes to an end some time,” we will run only one more “Home-Jitsu” article. Participate now, it’s the last chance! To see all the stories and photos, click Do you practice “Home-Jitsu,” too?