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Jackson Sousa: Where BJJ Champions Are Born 

Jiu Jitsu in Favela Cantagalo

Jackson Sousa. The 24 year old from Rio de Janeiro began his Jiu-Jitsu journey in the favela of Cantagalo, famous as the home of fellow world champion and BJJ legend Fernando ‘Terere’.

In this video we find out about Jackson’s story and how jiu-jitsu helped save him from the dangers in the favela that cost the lives of friends and neighbours.

Part 2 of our episode featuring Jackson Sousa goes inside his home in the favela of Cantagalo. Here, we meet his family and learn a little of the background of this young grappler.

Following the visit to his home, we join him for a fascinating walk up through the favela to an amazing lookout point over Copacabana, something that is not to be missed.

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The final part of our episode featuring Jackson Sousa looks to this young grappler’s future. Recently relocating to the USA, he’s in a new chapter of his life, both as a competitor and as a person.

See him prepare his body for competition with a gruelling BJJ-specific workout

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Michael Langhi - Lapel guard 

The Dynamic Open Guard of Michael Langhi 

Michael Langhi is what Brazilians call a ‘guardeiro’. His dynamic and exciting guard game has made him one of the top lightweight competitors in the world.

A World, PanAm, European and Brazilian champion, Langhi’s innovative and entertaining style of jiu-jitsu inspires many in their quest to develop an attacking guard game.

Switching from spider guard to de la riva, inverting and tying up opponents with their own lapel is all in a day’s work for him.

In this video Langhi shares his best advice and essential tips for someone looking to develop a dynamic guard.

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Train So You Won’t Be Afraid Of Anyone 

Cicero Costha

At BJJ Hacks we like to focus on the athletes who impress us on the tatame, but we’re always interested in the teachers who helped them get there too. One professor who is doing amazing work in producing champions is Cicero Costha, teacher to Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers, and many more

We went to his academy in Sao Paulo to see exactly how this little-known teacher is producing some of the most competitive grapplers of modern times.



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