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Train So You Won’t Be Afraid Of Anyone 

Cicero Costha

At BJJ Hacks we like to focus on the athletes who impress us on the tatame, but we’re always interested in the teachers who helped them get there too. One professor who is doing amazing work in producing champions is Cicero Costha, teacher to Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers, and many more

We went to his academy in Sao Paulo to see exactly how this little-known teacher is producing some of the most competitive grapplers of modern times.



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Claudio Calasans: Judo & BJJ Black Belt 

How to Adapt Judo for Jiu-Jitsu

Claudio Calasans: Judo & BJJ Black Belt

Claudio Calasans is someone with a strong attachment to both judo and jiu-jitsu. The ATOS representative is a lifelong judo practitioner and is one of the most dynamic and well-rounded competitors in the world of jiu-jitsu.

In the first video of this 3-part episode we get to see him train some of his trademark techniques, learn about his how family are so important to his success, and hear his advice for adapting judo for jiu-jitsu.

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A Workout for Jiu-Jitsu Athletes & Calasans’s Top Techniques

Claudio Calasans is a four-time World Pro Jiu-Jitsu Champion, in this video we see him go through a tough training session that highlights the intensity of his dedication to his profession.

Also, we see him train and hear him talk about two of the techniques he is best known for, the guillotine choke and the dreaded wristlock, known as ‘mao de vaca’ in Portuguese.

How to Adapt Judo for Jiu-Jitsu

Many jiu-jitsu practitioners would like to integrate judo into their training so as to develop a better stand-up game. As Claudio Calasans says, all fights start on the feet and even if you want to pull guard you better know how before you step on the mat.

As a judo and jiu-jitsu black belt, Calasans is perfectly placed to discuss adapting judo for jiu-jitsu and in this video he offers his advice on shares some of his training and teaching methods.



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