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Did you see what people are saying about Felipe Costa #BJJ in MIAMI? 


testimonial about Felipe's visit to Miami

Being a student of Demian Maia and Felipe Costa is an incredible experience! 
However geography can sometimes be a bit of an issue hahaha! Felipe's courses on Brazilian Black have brought a lot of structure and focus back in to my daily training. As a higher belt who spends six days a week teaching it becomes easy to neglect the things that will take your game to the next level. Since Felipe's last visit to my academy I have felt a great deal of sharpness and improvement in my game and I am really looking forward to representing my team in competition! If you have the chance to train with Felipe dont pass it up, and I highly recommend everyone check out !!! Go Brasa !!!

Felipe Costa in ACTION at #JiuJitsu Brazilian Nationals 

Check out the best shots during Brasileiro 2013

We have selected some of best shots we found of Felipe during 2013's Brazilian National where Felipe Costa fought in adult division, despite the fact he could be fighting his own category, since this is the year where he turn 35.
What picture is your favourite?

Felipe Costa ready to enter the mat

Felipe Costa focado antes da luta

Felipe Costa passing the guard

Felipe Costa choking from the back

Felipe Costa passing the guard while standing up

Felipe Costa passagem de guarda toreando

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