Jiu Jitsu technique - Sweep with outside hook 

Felipe Costa teching during the PTP in CANADA.


What is the Intensive Personal Training Program? 

The Intensive Personal Training Program (IPTP) is the most superior method of obtaining specialized instruction available today. Hands down, there is no other way to rapidly improve your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu game than my IPTP. Unmatched in intensity, depth, and quality; an IPTP will bring you, your team, or your academy to the next level -- GUARANTEED!

What makes an IPTP different?
Typically, private training is expensive, and the instructor does not know your weaknesses and strong points. In an IPTP, our "world champion class" Black Black Belts spend a serious length of time with you, analyzing your game and developing the best plan of action to make you rapidly improve. An IPTP is much more than a simple private lesson; it is a "system" developed by the best champions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -- the same system that "supercharges" our game. 

How does it work?

First; we come to you and we come for a one week period. All of the classes are extremely personalized. All of the participants are observed and analyzed relative to strengths and weaknesses in their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skills. Then, an individualized program is developed to capitalize on the strengths and eliminate the weak areas. All of our training is available in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Private sessions are also available -- and since we will know everyone's game, the private sessions are INTENSE and hit the right areas for maximum improvement!

So, how do I make it happen?

Simple, send an E-mail or give us a call -- then, we come to you. Our phone number is 55 21 9404 4567, and our E-Mail is felipepcs@hotmail.com. We recommend that you call as soon as possible to ensure your preferred timeframe is available.

What about seminars?

Of course, we are also available for any type of seminar - whether beginner level, or in the most advanced techniques fresh from the mats in Brazil! Our Black Belt Instructors are the most highly experienced available. We are in the business of making you or your academy better, we share everything we know (even our sure fire winning techniques). We guarantee you will leave with something that changes the way you train!

Comprido submits and gets gold at Chicago Open. Watch the video now 


In 2010, Rodrigo Comprido won the absolute adult division at the inaugural IBJJF Chicago Open.

This year, the Jiu-Jitsu coach to Brock Lesnar and a number of other aces decided to head to the master division, where he put in a fine display yet again, closing out with his student Jonatas Novaes, an MMA fighter who ended up taking the gold in the official result.

“We took the team championship with more points than the second and third place teams combined,” said a jubilant Rodrigo. “I negotiated a sponsorship deal with the Warrior International brand and we competed under the name Brasa Warrior. It was the first time a team used the name of a sponsor when registering its athletes. With the win, I hope we manage to renew the sponsorship and thus draw more companies that are more focused on MMA to Jiu-Jitsu. I’d like to congratulate all my students for having a great championship and helping me achieve this objective.”

Check out Rodrigo’s submission on the gray mats in Chicago.

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Veja a finalização de Comprido no Chicago Open  


Em 2010, Rodrigo Comprido foi o campeão absoluto adulto do Chicago Openda IBJJF. Este ano, o treinador de Brock Lesnar e outras feras decidiu ir de master, e também se deu bem, fechando com o aluno e lutador de MMA Jonatas Novaes, que ficou com o ouro no resultado oficial.

“Fomos campeões por equipes somando mais pontos que o segundo e o terceiro colocados juntos”, vibrou Rodrigo. “Negociei um patrocínio com a empresa Warrior Internacional e competimos usando o nome Brasa Warrior, foi a primeira vez em que uma equipe usa o nome do patrocinador na hora de registrar os atletas. Com a vitória, espero conseguir renovar o patrocínio e assim atrair para o Jiu-Jitsu mais empresas que hoje tem como foco o MMA. Gostaria de parabenizar todos os meus alunos que fizeram um grande campeonato e me ajudaram a conquistar esse objetivo”.

Confira a finalização de Rodrigo no dojô cinza de Chicago.


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