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Our Online lessons can be described easily- concise, organized, easy-to-follow, practical, effective, and well though out 

exactly the same as Felipe Costa would teach with a class present


REVIEW BY BRYAN , instructor of BKK BJJ ACADEMY in Thailand:

Felipe was kind enough to let me tour his website/ online school a couple months ago.

The lessons Felipe has available online, in my opinion, can be described easily- concise, organized, easy-to-follow, practical, effective, and well though out. If you've ever had a chance to attend one of Felipe's seminars or classes, you'll quickly notice his online lessons are presented exactly the same as he would teach with a class present.

The question of whether people can learn from online videos has been around since the advent of YouTube. Every instructor dreads getting the 'I saw this video on YouTube. Can you show me how to do it?' question. Usually this comes in the form of something like a flying arm-bar or berimbolo transition that the student has no business attempting with regards to skill level.

What Felipe has outlined in nearly all the lessons I reviewed on is a teaching method which allows the student to truly understand the technique(s) being shown from the ground up. He works from simple to more complicated variations of the techniques. He also has his lessons and programs organized in terms of his belt level recommendation (white, blue, purple, etc.). There are many high level lessons as well.

If the question being asked is, "will I become a better BJJ player by just watching the videos?" My answer would be, "probably not." (I'm sure Felipe would agree.) If, however, you drill these techniques with a partner and attempt them in a sparring situation, then your chances for success are very high. Nothing can substitute for actual mat time, and Felipe's lessons really emphasize the 'practice, practice, practice' portion of BJJ.

I've seen a lot of online programs and feel this is one of the best out there. Nice work Felipe! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future.

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Eddie Bravo teaching Rickson Gracie? 

Check this video out:

Rickson Gracie Eddie Bravo

Someone told me about this video before but just today I accidently run into it on youtube, on  recommended videos, I watched and found it very interesting, I would like to see your opinion on it, here are my impressions over it. First of all, I'm completely surprised how Eddie actually manage to get Rickson's attention for so long. The fact that he actually managed to get Rickson on the ground and explained to him his "system" or sequence related to rubber guard is already, in my opinion, an incredible accomplishment. My only contact to Rickson was in a seminar of his that I attended and I got the impression he is not very open to this kind of situation.

Joe Rogan was super smart to use a t-shirt with Helio Gracie, if I walk in a room and the person who I will talk has a shirt with a picture of my dad or someone I love, I would be extra patient with that person. I think at first Rickson was probably super annoyed by Eddie talking so much, for so long, his body language and his silence is a sign of that, but at a few moment looked like Rickson had some interest on what he was saying.

I wish the exact moment where he actually decided to go to the ground was not edited on the video, out of pure curiosity, I wish I knew how it happened. Anyway, enough of my perception of the situation, watch the video and see it for yourself. I would love to read your opinion about it: 


Also, if you have the time, take a look at this long interview Rickson Gracie gave right before this previous video was filmed:

Try now! Use the code: BBBFREETRIAL to get free access to this techniques, watch this 10 seconds video:

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Does SPORT BJJ Work In A Street Fight? 

Whatch this video of a real fight


Did this guys BJJ work in this fight or FAIL?

"Worked perfectly in my book. Was near a kimura before they break up the fight.
Other than that....
Define winning in a street fight. When do you win a fight? What is the goal of selfdefense?
To get out of a fight with the least amount of damage to yourself and, preferably to your opponent as well (laws etc...).
In this case... Did the opponent finish the fight? No, but he was near. Did he get out of the fight with mininal damage? Yes. At the very least he survived till bystanders intervened. And most of the time that is what selfdefense is about. How many 'streetfights' really go till the end?
I like to compare martial arts like swimming.
Krav maga and other so called 'realistic' martial arts are like practicing your 'swimming technique' on the side of the pool with your belly on a chair. You will be able to move your arms and legs, but you will never be able to swim if you don't enter the water. Now, with 'realistic martial arts' you can't enter the water. You can't spar because the techniques are too dangerous. Therefore you never develop automatism or muscle memory needed for a real fight.
Sport martial arts (like bjj, judo, boxing,... any martial arts with rules) are like swimming in a pool. Not entirely realistic (like swimming in the sea, cfr a real fight) but at least you develop motoric skills that are closer to the realistic thing.
Will swimming in a pool allow you to cross a stormy ocean? Likely not, but maybe you can survive long enough to catch some drifting wood or maybe till some passing ship picks you up. At the very least that's what the guy on bottom in this video managed to do  " Wim BJJ Black belt under Felipe Costa