Below is the info about our CAMP in Brazil, but notice that 2011's BJJ CAMP will be in GREECE, we don't have one this year in Rio

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: : : About us : : :

Would you like to learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu exactly the way it is taught here in Brazil? If the answer is yes, then our exclusive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camp is just what you need!

In 2004, we created a very exclusive BJJ CAMP specifically designed for you to have the opportunity to experience what Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is like from the original source

Now, we have had several very successful and highly acclaimed classes go through our BJJ camp and all of them have provided a major opportunity for the attendees to learn the most technical Brazilian Jiu-jitsu available worldwide. What makes our camp so special? The answer is simple; it is taught by instructors that have proven to be the best teachers and competitors. Nowhere else can you train one on one with so many World Champions, National Brazilian Champions, State Champions, and title holders of the most significant competition events available.

: : : Why us? : : :

First: We created this concept of the BJJ Camp. Others may try to copy it, but they don't have the formula.

Second: We don't advertise or promise big name Black Belts, then you end up with someone else. We also have the finest collection of instructors and champions available. ALL OUR INSTRUCTORS ARE BLACK BELTS, and they will roll with you everyday; get to know your style and personally critique and improve your game.

Our experience with the BJJ CAMP has proven to be so effective that we have been invited, and have successfully held International CAMPS in Europe and USA.

Third: At our BJJ CAMP the students and the teachers stay together the entire time - in the same place. We don't take you to a hotel , or leave you to survive on your own. We are all together from the moment you arrive at the airport , to the moment you leave the airport on your departure day.

Fourth: The Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP has the highest rate of referrals and students who return and bring friends with them.

: : : Teaching method and activities : : :

Our teaching method has been developed by the finest instructors with several decades of combined experience. During your 10 DAYS at the BJJ Camp, you will learn through the same process and using the same concepts that we personally use to prepare for international competition at the top tournaments. From your first minute to very end of the camp, we will develop the technique and movement that will help you to incorporate the best natural flow to your game. Our exclusive system of teaching will help you to understand the way the technique works and how to apply the same concept to several different situations and opponents.

When we teach you a technique, and make you understand the mechanics and theory behind it, you will be able to immediately apply it in other positions with full understanding of why it works. Our process will improve your game so fast and so significantly, that 10 days training will give you the equivalent of months of experience!

Now, remember this before you decide to come; we train hard, we train very seriously, but we also party hardy! There is no place like Rio! In addition to the training routine, there is plenty of time for extra activities such as visiting nearby beaches, jogging, mountain biking, surfing lessons, scuba diving, boat trips, the famous Rio night clubs, poker nights, skating, and a lot more!

: : : The House : : :

The Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP is located in Buzios, the most charming area in the state of RIO DE JANEIRO. We are 90 minutes from the state capital.

Voted by the citizens of the state of Rio De Janiero as the best city for holidays and summer vacation, this area is located in a small peninsula with 23 beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, an outstanding night life, and some of the best restaurants available. Dining is diverse, and includes a wide variety of cuisine such as Japanese, Brazilian, Mexican, Italian, French, and more.

In addition to our 2 large mat areas, our facility also includes seven suites, a swimming pool, and a sauna. You live here, and train here all in one!

As a matter of fact it is located steps way from the Geriba beach, where all the beautiful people go to hang out and also the only beach that have waves to surf. You can literally finish your training and take less than 10 steps to reach the sand and go for a refreshing jump in the ocean.

: : : Routine / Agenda : : :

The routine can be changed depending on the group or plans for the day, but in general:

7:00 am: we start to serve breakfast at 7 am

10:30 am: First group class that last from one hour and an half to two hours

1:00 pm: we start to serve lunch

1:00pm to 6:00 pm: free time to relax, go to the beach, do extra activities, private classes etc.

During all this time there will be a table of fruits available and the dependencies of Kitchen will be open to anyone who want to have a snack

6:00 pm: half hour just for drills and review the techniques

6:30 pm: another group class that also last from one hour and an half to two hours.

8:30 pm: we start to serve dinner

After the dinner we usually go to downtown to see the night life, some people stay longer, some return earlier to rest for the next day.

Usually the fifth day there is an outside activity during most of the day and at night an open mat where students ask questions and review the techniques.

: : : Investiments : : :

You will pay only one price that will include transfer from the airport to the house and from the house back to the airport, accommodation during all 10 days, all meals and all the classes with TOP black belts there are also bilingual.

You will pay only 150 dollars a day, no further expenses, no surprises after you arrive. For returning students the price is 120 a day (it does not include expenses such as night clubs, alcoholic drinks and souvenirs).

There are only 15 spots available on each CAMP, so to assure your spot make you online reservation now. Please contact