Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP

This video is awesome! It's a video with many moments of our 5 th BJJ CAMP.

We have the dates for our next BJJ CAMP check out page!!!
Once again It will be 10 days long, but we will provide you all the support if you want to stay longer.


Brazilian Black belts have decided to open their summer house located in Búzios, the greatest watering-place in the Rio de Janeiro state! It's the place where, traditionally, they train themselves for the important tournaments.

They have decided to make a BJJ CAMP for everyone who is interested in learning Jiu-jitsu that is being taught and practiced right now in Brazil along with a lot of fun. Even better, it's going to be in the wonderful state of Rio de Janeiro.

The purpose of the CAMP is to teach the best BJJ available, hiding no secrets and with the teaching methods that have been making those guys step on the first place podiums for several years

At the Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP, that take place twice a year (April and August), we assure that you will get the best possible instruction in the most exclusive Jiu-Jitsu training program in the WORLD

The house is amazing, not only for its beauty but also because it has a perfect harmony with the surroundings. Its architecture helped inspired the city's style. The architect that made the house is considered the precursor of Búzios construction. It's also located right on the beach, you walk out of the house and step in the sand. Even better, the beach (Geribá beach), is the most popular beach in the city where everyone likes to hang out.
It may sound weird, but we don't want to have a lot of students, the reason is that to guarantee a high quality standard of instruction, we limit the maximum number of students to 17. We could increase the maximum number, but we want to give something that you will get NO WHERE in the WORLD.

We are sure that no other school in the world will give you the chance to have so many TOP black belts teaching and grappling at the same class at the same time.
As we teach the concepts (the way things work), the different levels of students is not a problem. We have had students from white belts to black belts and they were all pleased at the end. We have had martial arts lovers who had never put on a BJJ gi before, but at the end they were feeling quite comfortable with BJJ.

We will be giving FULL-TIME attention during the classes, not only teaching but also rolling while correcting the mistakes. This will allow us to address everyone's BJJ needs with 100% satisfaction.
Through a high quality lifestyle, we have the intention of helping our guests make BIG steps with their techniques. We are SURE that everyone will go back home with a feeling that they have NEVER learned so much in such a short time. We are going to teach the concepts (the way things work) so it can be incorporated into your own BJJ game.
Besides the BJJ improvement, you will mix this with the best vacation of your life. Búzios is a place you will never forget, its beauty is outstanding and you will probably make plans to come back.
The accommodation: five meals a day, transportation from the airport and back and all the classes are included. The investment is only US$120 a day.

We find that to be a very reasonable, especially considering that is usually what you would pay just for a room in any nice hotel. The CAMP last 10 days
The special CAMP is made for close groups, let's say you have a group of friends who want to come to the CAMP or you want to bring your students, in this case you don't need to wait the regular CAMP, you can schedule to when is the best for your group.You choose the dates and how long you want to have it.

You make your own SPECIAL CAMP. Send us right now the best dates for you and how many students you want to bring and we can already schedule the next one

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