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CTRL Industry made a contest on http://www.facebook.com/CTRLINDUSTRIES asking people to leave a question for Felipe Costa. All questions and Felipe's answer you can find below:

Kristopher Lopez Im sure you appreciate your lineage in jiu jitsu and wouldnt change it but which lineage and style would you have chose if not the one you have now?

Felipe: Im very proud to have got my belt from Comprido, but if I had to pick another option, I think it would be very interest to be under De La Riva guidance.

Francisco Cervera Who did you get your black belt from?


Brendon Barlow When are you going to move to Arizona?!

Felipe: If I do, would you make me fry bread everyday in the morning?

Eric Rubio What do you think it will take to finally see BJJ in the Olympics?

Felipe: This is a romantic dream that I dont think will ever happen, or at least not any time soon (I hope Im wrong, but probably not)

Todd Rhodes From what planet did Ryan Hall come from? ;)

I have no idea, but his techniques seems to be  from out of this world :)

Scott Harris What part of his game is he currently working on?

I have been trying to sharp up my back taking and submission from there

Scott Gilmore Other than training on the mat, what other workouts do you do to continually compete at a high level?

I follow strictly what my physical trainer Itallo Vilardo tells me to do

Mike Ring Who are your favorite BJJ competitors to watch? either past or present.

Past: Comprido, present: Caio Terra

Scott Harris If Felipe could take a private lesson from one person (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

I honestly believe I can learn from anyone, low or high belt...so anyone who is willing to share, im open to it.

Eric John Concepcion whats the funniest thing you've seen on the mats?

Sorry Eric, Im trying to think of something, but nothing is comming to my head...I will have to give you an answer next time :)

Mike Ring Since there is a shortage of questions I'll throw out one more.

I've seen "competition" Karate really water down and alter a lot of practitioners real world self defense techniques. Historically we saw the same thing happen to Judo. Do you think BJJ will eventually be in danger of the same thing?

I already see that a lot of teachers dont know or dont teach the self defense during the classes...but I believe a person who have a good understanding of the sport Jiu Jitsu, even if is lacking some details on self defense is fully capable of defending it self in a "self defense situation".

Mike Ring You've trained Jiu Jitsu all over the world. Can you throw out some names of a few Jiu Jitsu schools that you always look forward to training at?

Red House in Arizona, Caio Terra in SF, Comprido in Chicago, West Texas in Midland, Ronin Athletics in NY, Black Lake in Alaska, Brasa Hermosillo, Brasa Chihuahua, Brasa DF, Brasa Los Cabos, Brasa Exit in Leon, Brasa DF Mexico, Brasa Yucatan, Brasa Cancun, Brasa Belgium in Leuven, Brasa in Greece, Brasa in Turkey, Finland, Berserkers in Poland and so on.... I visit some pretty cool places and I always look forward to see all of them :)

Jacob Whitfield What is the biggest change from competing as a brown belt to competing as a black belt?

Mindset ;)

Andrew Prickett Do you train and compete for de la Riva?

No, but I would be very proud if I did, him and all his students are great and I train there often, since is close to my house. But I train and comete for Brasa . Check out our page www.brasateam.com

Sheena Barlow What is your favorite Glee song? and Ana's? :)

Sheena, you want to ruin my reputation here? lol ok, this is my favorite:

Tyy Withrow What is the most important fundamental of jiu jitsu?

Learn to move your hips and control your opponents hip's movement...not sure is the most important, but for sure one of them

CTRL Industries How important do you think the Jiu-Jitsu Street-Defense is to know? Do you try to teach it to kids, and others? Was it different years back on how much self defense was taught in a regular class?

Very VERY important, if you dont learn this, you will take longer to understand all the rest. The self defense is an important introduction to the world of BJJ.

I teach it as often as possible and whenever people show interest on it.

I look the Helio Gracie self defense book and know ALL techniques (except the weapon defenses) I learn it all in the past...most people dont know it nowadays.

Daniel Eric Which guard do you think is most effective for sweeps?

Really deoend on the person and the opponent...dont think i can pick one :)

Timmy Armstrong How do you escape arm bar from bottom side if they go to there knees instead of falling off

Not sure I understand the situation...do you have a video of it? Maybe I can try to help

Emilio Carrero Felipe could you give some tips on reverse de la Riva? I can never get the leverage right. Point out some common mistakes.

So difficult to explain those thing in words lol ...sorry :)

Drake Boen when you first got your purple belt, did you feel like you were half way there to your black? and looking back now how far were you to where you are now?

When I got my purple, I felt that my teacher made a mistake and should had left me on blue, so I didnt think I was halp way to black at all.

Looking back I can understand that only after black belt Im starting to understand what is BJJ, but Im not quite there yet :)

Ching Jin Tee What's your go to technique escaping scarf hold/ kesa gatame against a bigger person?

Pan pacific tournament 2012 in Australia? Just putting it out there. Hehe

I have no idea what is scarf hold or kesa gatame...in Brasil we are not into names very much...is funny how we love to give people nicknames, but we never give the techniques a nickname.

Australia? Its a dream...hopefully one day :)

Jeremy Pender in your opinion what is the most important thing to understand about jiu jitsu?

I keep chancing my mind about this, but lately I have been thinking how important is to control the hips from everywhere

Drake Boen is he still going to answer these?

Yes, hehehehe, It took me a little long to answer, but here it is...I hope everyone had fun :)

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