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Interview: Felipe Costa (Brasa Team)

Interview: Felipe Costa (Brasa Team)

Felipe Costa, 58 kilo schoon aan de haak en zelden te zien zonder glimlach. De recordhouder bronzen medailles die momenteel in zowel Nederland als België een school onder zijn hoede heeft. Wat heeft hij met stroopwafels en wat is zijn mening over de scheidsrechters?


Hi Felipe! Thanks for taking part in the first ever inteview on ArteSuave.eu. Even though we think you do not need any further introduction, for those who don’t know you. Who is Felipe Costa, and what is he doing on a Dutch & Belgian BJJ site?

Im a brazilian black belt who never won any compatition until I got my black belt and became World Champion in 2003, after that I conquer almost all major IBJJF tournaments and start to teach BJJ around the globe.

I started to visit Belgium in 2004, since them I have been working with a group there (Brasa Belgium) and today I have 3 black belts there, Ken, Wim and Arbi. I also had opportunity to teach seminars in other Dutch academies, such as the one from Remco Pardoel and currently we have a Brasa Holland academy as well.

What made you decide to start academies in Belgium and Holland, and what do you think of the level of BJJ over here?

One thing lead to the other and with time and hard work Brasa team is nowadays a pretty strong team in the area. The level is great and still growing

You are known as the person who only won his first big title at a black belt division. Now, almost 10 years later you are still one of the top guys at roosterweight. What keeps you motivated?

I love to compete and challenge my self.

I don’t do it to tell the others, I do cause I have fun.

That is my motivation, to become the best I can be and tyo conquer the most as my abilities are capable of.

Do you feel extra pressure in being the world record holder in bronze medals? What if you’d win gold?

No pressure at all from me…I just try to be ready so I can performe my best when Im there

You have created a team around you of all smaller guys to train with. How was it to have a trainer almost twice your size? Did this help you in creating your style?

For sure it did, but it also brought me any injuries. Im not getting any younger and now i have to protect my self, so I avoid rolling with bigger guys

Not long ago you have posted a video regarding your mindset for winning. But let’s face it. Most of us will never win a tournament, even with a great mindset. Is there such a thing as a mindset for losing? (Like not to think about a loss to often and don’t over analyse things.)

The one’s who enter a tournament thinking they will never win, 100% sure they will never win.

Im not saying everyone can be a world champion, but I do believe with the right technique and mindset anyone can achive their top game and win tournaments

One of the biggest problem in competition nowadays is the lack of information regarding the rules, you made an app about that, correct?

Yes, I made a FREE app that can be found on the apple store, the rules are updated and is a great way to understand the rules of BJJ, I suggest everyone to get it and please share with the BJJ community, it will be great to everyone!


How can our readers find about you?

They can find me at:
Twitter and Instagram @FelipeCostaBJJ

Last but not least. Stroopwafels… What is up with Brazilians and stroopwafels?

They are good!!! :)

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