What motivates you to keep going?

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People are different and not always what motivates you, means it's going to motivate your training partner or an opponent. I believe each person need to find what is that state of mind that brings the most out of you and there is only one way to find out and it's trying it all. That is why I believe experience will bring the best of you, but you can not quit in the process.
On my path to Black Belt, I saw many people who were better than me giving up on the process, but I didn't, even on my worse failures I kept going. Of course I had moments of feeling down and I always respected those moments, but did it not let it last for too long!
If you are going pass a moment like this, put your head up! Do it now, as you read! Remember, failure is just part of the process to make you better, stay focus and the best of you will come out! That should be your goal! BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE! Do not accept anything less than that!  FELIPE COSTA

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Posted by Felipe Costa Jan 01, 2014 Categories: BJJ Felipe Costa Jiu Jitsu Video BJJ